MaxiFin App as the organizer of an electronic system that operates the site Site and App. This page informs Users as users of the App and Site Services about the MaxiFin App’s policies in obtaining, collecting, processing, analyzing, disclosing, displaying, announcing, sending, disseminating, using and utilizing information attached to certain individual data obtained from Users. 

1. User’s Consent to Use of Data 

MaxiFinApp obtains and collects data, namely by or through: 

  • Registration / account registration on the App; 
  • Log data obtained when a User accesses the Site or App which includes information such as internet protocol, browser type, browser version, date and time of visit, time required to access the Site, and others; and 
  • Users who input questions and email via the App 

MaxiFin App uses the data collected to: 

  • provide Features to provide, create, maintain and improve services on the Site and App; 
  • statistical analysis; 
  • relevant program offerings to Users; 
  • E-mail newsletter; 
  • distribute or distribute Data to third parties; and 
  • other needs that are relevant to the Features available on the App and Site. 

MaxiFin App has the right to disclose, display, announce, transmit, disseminate, use and utilize Data in accordance with the acquisition, collection, processing and analysis described above. 

The User hereby declares and agrees to obtain, collect, process, analyze, disclose, display, announce, transmit, disseminate, use and utilize Data by MaxiFin App as described above. 

2. Cookies 

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by certain websites on the user’s computer hardware. MaxiFin App uses Cookies to collect Data. Users can instruct via their browser to refuse all Cookies or to indicate when Cookies are being sent. However, if the User does not accept Cookies, the User cannot use some parts of the Site. 

3. Data Security and Protection 

MaxiFin App establishes procedures to maintain and protect Data security starting from the process of obtaining and collecting to using and utilizing Data. MaxiFin App makes no guarantee that these procedures can fully guarantee the protection and security of Data. Hereby, the User declares and agrees to release MaxiFin App from all responsibility, loss or other consequences of or in connection with a violation of Data Protection and Security. However, MaxiFin App will comply with the procedures established by Indonesian laws and regulations to inform the User if there is a violation of Data Protection and Security, no later than 14 days from the occurrence of the violation accompanied by the reason or cause of the violation. 

4. Privacy Policy Adjustment 

MaxiFin App can update the Privacy Policy at any time. MaxiFin App will notify Users about any such changes by publishing new terms on the Site and App. Users are advised to periodically review the Privacy Policy for any changes that apply. 

5. Data Storage and Deletion 

MaxiFin App will store Data as long as the User account remains active and can carry out deletions in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations. 

6. Legal Process Compliance 

Based on a legitimate request from law enforcement officials with due regard to the provisions of Indonesian legislation, MaxiFin App is obliged to provide data as requested. 

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